‘Huge’ green building rebate offers $100,000 rebate for new home

NEW YORK (AP) — The new homebuilding rebate is a $100 million boost for New York City and is being touted as the city’s largest green building rebate ever.The New York Times is reporting that New York Mayor Bill de Blasio signed an executive order Tuesday aimed at encouraging more New Yorkers to build with […]

How to create a ‘green building’ in your home

If you want to live in a green building, then there are several things to consider.One is the design of the building itself.Green spaces can be designed to provide shade, shade is good.But if you are going to be in a greenhouse you need to have a different approach.In this article, we will be talking […]

Why Skanska Green Building Retrofit is the Next Green Building to Make the Cut

Skansa is a global brand that combines sustainability and urban design.The brand has been building sustainable buildings in the US, Europe, Australia, and the UK for decades.The building retrofits at the Skansas new Skanskas Green Building project, on the edge of downtown St. Louis, is one of the biggest green building projects of 2017.The retrofit […]

Why the city of Taitai is trying to get the word out about its green building strategy

Taita, Taiwan, is a small island in the Bay of Bengal, the northernmost island in China.It’s not a city, but it’s an active hub for Chinese tourists, who come to enjoy a warm and cosmopolitan lifestyle.The city is home to over 40,000 people, and its residents have made an image of being environmentally conscious.But Taitae […]

Why are you building green buildings?

In Melbourne, a new “green building” concept has been unveiled, designed to protect the city’s green space.The scheme is a green building network for people living near or in buildings, as well as businesses and schools.The plan comes after the Federal Government announced the launch of its Green Building Network, with plans to spend $1 […]

How to Make Green Building Mitigation Work for You

In my green building blog post about making mitigations work for you, I mentioned that some of the mitigating solutions I found were expensive and didn’t work well.However, that didn’t mean that those solutions didn’t actually work.In this post, I want to go over some of those mitigational solutions that work, and give you a […]

Which building inspections should you ask before building your dream new home?

India is facing a shortage of affordable housing, which has forced many people to seek help from their neighbours in the form of green building inspections.However, the number of green buildings inspections has declined in recent years.In a new survey conducted by the Urban Land Institute, which is the think tank of the New Delhi-based […]

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