Month: July 2021

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Green Building, Bible of the Green Building Industry, Green Buildings, Green Business, Green Industry, green buildings, green, green business, green industry, green-business, green manufacturing, green manufacturer, green manufacture, green factory, green plant source The Indian Express title ‘Green Buildings’ Certification is the Greenest of All: Experts on the Green Buildings Industry article Green Buildings certification […]

Green Building Studio’s Arc Green Building will be in Florida

Arc Green building will be coming to Florida, it was announced today.The studio is set to debut its Arc Green construction in downtown Orlando this fall.It will be built in a 6,500-square-foot building in the new downtown’s Eastside district, which will include an indoor basketball court, a bar, restaurants, a community garden, a coffee shop, […]

Which Green Building Is the Best?

We’ve spent years searching for the best green building on the market, and our ranking system will give you the most accurate advice to buy your dream green building.Read on to learn what makes our rankings so compelling.Read more:Green Building Basics | Green Building Design | Green Construction | Green Roofing | Green Furniture | […]

How to build your own green building bible: How to start building an eco-friendly home

The green building Bible is an online guide to building a sustainable green building, and it can be downloaded and read online.Here’s how to download it and start learning.1.Start by reading the book, or using a reference copy.The Green Building Bible is written by renowned Canadian architect and environmentalist Alan Jones, and can be found […]

When the sun sets, a new green building will rise in Toronto

The new Toronto Green Building Society’s press release is a call for a new wave of green building ideas.It also urges the city to take a cue from the iconic green building at the top of Toronto’s skyline, the Toronto Star.The new building society was created in the wake of the devastating fires in 2008, […]

Harvard green building rebated $1.1B to help build new green buildings

Harvard’s Green Building Alliance is making an announcement today about the $1 billion in rebates it will be providing to the Green Building Rebates Program (GBRP).The GBRP is a public-private partnership between the Harvard University Green Building Association (GBBA) and the New Jersey Department of Housing and Community Development (HUD).In this announcement, the GBBA says […]

How to build a green building in Vancouver

A new building in one of Vancouver’s greenest neighbourhoods is under construction.The $10 million (AUD$9.9 million) building is being built in West Burnaby, just south of the city’s CBD.It’s part of a larger $20 million ($14 million) project that aims to boost the greening of the neighbourhood.The building is part of the larger $40 million […]

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