Emerald Green building, which was renovated in 1990, is the perfect green building

Emerald and Mireille Green’s building at 8-20-1 Avenue E in downtown Jerusalem was renovated to be a green building in 1990.

The building, known as the Green Building, had previously been converted to a hospital before that. 

The building is currently used by the Knesset and is located in a neighborhood that is home to a large Arab community.

But, in 2017, Emerald, Mireilles, and their family, who are members of the Arab community, were unable to find a new building to renovate. 

In June 2017, the couple announced that they had decided to start a new chapter in their lives by starting their own business, Green Diamond Building, which will focus on helping the local Arab community and be a beacon of hope for the Arab city. 

“Our dream is to create a business that will help the community and rebuild the Green Diamond,” said Emerald.

“The building will be a focal point for the neighborhood and will be an inspiration to our Arab friends. 

When we were building the Green building it was a little dark in the dark room, so we started from scratch, but I believe we will be able to get our dream realized.” 

Emerald and his wife, Mereille, are currently the owners of Green Diamond and are proud to be in the business, which aims to help the local community by providing opportunities for the young and old. 

According to the Jerusalem Post, the Green diamond building has a total of 690 square feet of retail space and 575 square feet for offices. 

Although the building is a Green building in name only, the building also serves as a hub for the community, with its green facade making it an ideal place for meetings, community events, and weddings. 

Emanuel, a resident of the neighborhood, told The Jerusalem Mail, “It’s like an Israeli village with green walls, and we can walk through it and we will not feel scared.

We will feel welcome and will feel connected.” 

According, the new Green building will help rebuild the community through the creation of a neighborhood center, a grocery store, a gym, and a grocery cooperative. 

On its website, Green diamond said, “The Green Diamond will be the hub of Arab communities in the neighborhood.

The Green Diamond is also an iconic landmark in the area and is a key to the city of Jerusalem, with many Arab residents coming to visit and experience it for the first time. 

A project like this is important to the Arab citizens and residents of Jerusalem because it’s an example of how a community can thrive through positive development. 

  Eddy, a local resident, said, “We’re in the middle of a major project in the heart of the city, and I believe it’s very important to revitalize this part of Jerusalem. 

I’m very proud of the community here and I think it’s important that people know that they can come to our neighborhood.” 

Emirele added, “We hope the project will also bring back memories of our Arab neighbors and our Jewish neighbors in the city. “

[The Green Building] is a reminder of what was done in the Green District in the past and a great contribution to the Jewish people,” she added. 

Emirele added, “We hope the project will also bring back memories of our Arab neighbors and our Jewish neighbors in the city.

We can see a future in which we will have a great and happy relationship with the people of this neighborhood.”

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