Google announces Google Play Music, Google Music Store and Music Unlimited – June 2017

Google has announced the availability of the Google Play Store and Google Music, the first two new services launched in the Play Store this year. 

The Google Play store offers a selection of apps for download and is the first to offer subscription-based services, including Google Play Movies and Google Play Books. 

Google Music offers streaming music and digital music, and has also been enhanced with new music and photo features. 

Both the Google Music store and Google’s music service offer a wide selection of curated music, movies and TV shows. 

With Google Play, users will be able to browse, listen and discover music from the music service’s catalog, including the likes of Taylor Swift, Rihanna and Beyonce. 

Additionally, Google Play offers a music store that features curated albums, curated playlists, curated albums and curated playlist videos. 

It also includes a music section for curated playlisted tracks, as well as a dedicated playlists section.

Google also announced the arrival of Google Play Services, a new set of services for people looking to connect with other Google users.

Google Play services include a search bar, video search, music search and a video search. 

Users will be allowed to search for apps, games, photos, news, maps and more.

Google Play Services also brings new features to the Google search engine including a “Find My Friends” feature, a search that finds the closest friend in your area, and a new search “Where is my friend?” 

It is also the first time that Google has added support for the new Google+ social network.

Google’s services also include an enhanced Google Search, Google Maps, and Google Assistant, which will let users search the web and take advantage of its artificial intelligence capabilities. 

All these services are available on the Google Store for free for existing Google Play users.

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