Green Building Alliance is putting green building on the map: Inside the building

Newsweek is reporting that the Green Building Association is putting a green building building on a map.

Green Building Coalition’s executive director and co-founder, Dan Stolz, told Newsweek, “We want to make the building accessible, livable, and affordable.”

Stol, who is also a co-creator of the citywide greening campaign, said the building is “designed with sustainable practices in mind.”

“The Green Building is an iconic piece of Seattle history that is being preserved and preserved in a way that will continue to be a beautiful piece of the skyline and a source of pride for Seattleites and the city of Seattle,” he added.

The building will be located on the second floor of the new building on Beacon Hill, at 5th Avenue and Mercer Street, and will have a green roof, the new green building coalition website explains.

The project is part of a larger effort to build green building infrastructure in the city.

The city will be hosting a workshop to introduce the green building program, which includes the construction of two new green buildings and the construction and restoration of a new green community building on Mercer Street and Beacon Hill.

Stol said the new buildings will “provide a much-needed green element” in the building’s exterior design.

The new building will have space for an office, community space, and a “small retail space,” the website says.

“As a community builder, we want to create a sustainable and livable building that can serve the city for decades to come,” Stol added.

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