Green Building N.Y. Lawsuit Against NYC’s Green Building Initiative

A lawsuit filed against the Green Building Council and other organizations is seeking $2 million in damages and an injunction to stop a new green building ordinance from going into effect in the city.

The suit, filed Monday in federal court, alleges that the new law, which aims to cut greenhouse gas emissions from New York City buildings, violates the First Amendment rights of organizations like the Green Builders Association.

The plaintiffs include the Green Buildings Association, the Building and Grounds Association, and the New York Association of Realtors, among others.

According to the complaint, the law would require building owners to obtain permits for new green buildings before they can build new units.

The law would also require developers to build green spaces in front of existing buildings to reduce the amount of energy they use when building new units, the lawsuit said.

The Green Building Association has been fighting the law for years, according to the lawsuit.

“This law is a threat to New Yorkers’ free speech, and is a step backwards for the environment,” said Sarah Hensley, the organization’s executive director.

“We will not back down.

We are ready to fight it tooth and nail.

We will fight it to the bitter end.”

The lawsuit claims the new rule would reduce the city’s energy efficiency goals by 50 percent, reduce the number of units that can be built in New York by 1,000, and create a “green vacancy crisis.”

The plaintiffs’ suit also alleges that there are “serious and serious concerns” that the law could prevent the building industry from creating “green spaces” in front at least some of New York’s existing green buildings, and could create “a massive increase in greenhouse gas pollution and climate change.”

The suit alleges that building owners will likely be able to find a new building within a few years, if the lawsuit is successful.

According, the plaintiffs’ attorneys, the new green laws could create a massive economic burden on New York, resulting in lost revenue, increased housing costs, and other problems.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of the Association of New New York Buildings and Groundmen, the Association for Building Owners, the Green building Association, New York Building Builders, and others.

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