Green building supplier confirms it’s building a new green building in Vancouver

Vancouver, British Columbia, Sept. 22, 2018 — Green Building Supply, a Vancouver-based supplier of green building materials, is building a green building to be located in a former landfill, the company confirmed Thursday.

The new building, which will be constructed on a vacant lot, will be one of a few green buildings in Vancouver to be constructed in a new building development project.

The green building is expected to open in 2021.

“We have received word from Green Building that we have completed a construction permit for our first green building site,” said Kevin Gannon, Green Building’s CEO and president.

“The project is a collaboration between Green Building and the city of Vancouver.

The first green project in Vancouver is expected in 2021.”

The project is expected not to affect the City of Vancouver’s green building standards.

“Green Building will construct a new high-density, low-density building for our new site in Vancouver,” Gannon said.

“This project will be a landmark in the city, and will bring a new level of sustainability and sustainability awareness to the City.”

The green roof project, which is expected be completed by the end of 2019, is a partnership between Green Buildings and the City.

The building is slated to be the largest in the Vancouver area and is being built by Green Building, a global leader in green building construction.

“In a recent survey of the Vancouver housing market, Green building was named as the top choice for developers who are building low-rise, multi-unit buildings that will benefit the local community and the environment,” Gorman said.

The construction will take place in two phases.

First phase is planned for construction of the site and will include a 1,100-square-foot mixed-use building that will include offices, retail and a public garden.

Second phase, which includes the site’s exterior façade, is planned to include the structure and the building’s interior, including a public green roof.

The company has secured financing from a private equity firm.

“As a leader in sustainable development, we are pleased to partner with Green Building to bring our vision to life in the community,” said Rob Fennell, a director of Green Building.

“With this new green project, we aim to build a sustainable green building for the city.”

Green Building also has a partner in San Francisco, the world’s second largest construction company, who will construct the building in the United States.

“For Green Building we are thrilled to have the opportunity to build the largest green building project in Canada,” said Fennells partner, Eric Caffa.

“San Francisco is a city known for its sustainability and green architecture.

This new building will be an incredible addition to our green building portfolio.”

Fennill, a veteran of the San Francisco project, said that the project’s environmental credentials will be the main attraction for prospective investors.

“There are no shortcuts to a green project,” Fennills partner said.

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