Harvard green building rebated $1.1B to help build new green buildings

Harvard’s Green Building Alliance is making an announcement today about the $1 billion in rebates it will be providing to the Green Building Rebates Program (GBRP).

The GBRP is a public-private partnership between the Harvard University Green Building Association (GBBA) and the New Jersey Department of Housing and Community Development (HUD).

In this announcement, the GBBA says it will donate $1 million of its existing funds to the GBRP in exchange for $750,000 of the $3 billion in total rebates that the GBRA is providing to its members.

The GBRA will use these funds to help fund construction of green buildings at Harvard and to help develop new green building programs across the country.

The GBRA announced that its $1-million donation today will be used to purchase and install new green construction equipment and equipment, build green energy infrastructure, and provide green building incentives to companies that choose to join the GBRB.

The $750-million in total incentives is the largest of its kind ever offered to an association.

The GWBA is also working to build new partnerships with non-profits and other partners that will leverage the funds to support the GWBA’s mission to advance the sustainable building of buildings and communities.

The GWBA will make the announcement in New York City this afternoon.

It will hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony in the East Village on Wednesday evening.

The announcement is available online and at www.gbra.org.GBRA members, including Harvard University, will also receive the following new rebates:The GBBA also announced that it will use the funds raised from this announcement to provide $50 million in rebated loans to organizations and community-based businesses to help them invest in green building.GBBA President and CEO Mark Kallman said the rebates will be put toward the building of new green infrastructure in Boston, Cambridge, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and other communities.

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