How the green building project could help boost Australia’s green building industry

By the time it was unveiled last year, the green Building Rebates scheme would have provided a $2.2 billion boost to the Australian economy.

The scheme would also have boosted the green construction industry by providing a boost to new green buildings and building materials.

And the new green building projects, which were due to be installed at the end of 2019, would have added an estimated $2 billion to the green economy.

But now, the Government has announced it will pull the plug on the scheme.

The Government has said the scheme would be scaled back to just one building a year instead of three, which would save an estimated 5.4 million tonnes of carbon emissions per year.

This means that for every tonne of carbon emitted, the total amount of greenhouse gas emitted is just $1.75.

“It is disappointing to see that the Government is not able to deliver on the ambitious target set out in the Government’s Green Building Rebate, which was intended to be a pathway for new, low-carbon construction to start to take place,” Greens Leader Christine Milne said.

“The Government needs to do more to ensure that the Green Building Scheme is a success.”

She said the Government was taking the decision without giving any reasons for it.

Ms Milne also criticised the Government for not telling the public the reasons behind the decision.

“This is a decision that has been taken without any explanation, with no discussion with the community or the Greens,” she said.

The Coalition has been criticised for failing to consult on the changes.

The Green Building Industry Association said the cancellation of the scheme was a step backwards for Australia’s environmental credentials.

“There’s no question the Green Rebates has been the most effective way of delivering green building in Australia and we’re very pleased to see the Government commit to continue supporting the Green Buildings Scheme,” Green Building Industries Australia’s CEO Greg Clark said.

But the Greens also said it was disappointing that the government would no longer be delivering a pathway to the scheme, and that the decision was not communicated to the community.

“Instead of the Government delivering on the promises made by the Green Builders’ Alliance, it’s disappointing that they have decided to cancel the Green Bricks Rebate,” Ms Milne added.

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