How to get green building press coverage in the green building boom

GREEN BUILDING PRESS (CBS News) — There are thousands of green building reporters around the country.

It’s a growing business, with a lot of talented and experienced reporters covering the green buildings boom, according to a recent survey of more than 1,000 green building journalists and managers.

But for every green building reporter who’s getting the green treatment in their local newspaper, there are dozens who’re working for other local papers or on other media outlets.

So what does a green building media reporter do?

A lot of green business is happening in the Green Building Press.

Reporter Jessica Coyle is a Green Building Reporter at the Orange County Register in California.

She’s been working in the business since 2012, when she joined the paper.

She says, “I’ve had to grow up with a whole different kind of business than I was before.

I’m trying to take the best of both worlds.”

Reporter Daniela Sánchez is a reporter at the Honolulu Star-Advertiser in Hawaii.

She works in the building news section.

She and her colleagues are trying to make it a more professional job.

“We want to be as open as possible,” she said.

“I think our job as journalists is to try and be as transparent as possible.”

Reporter Alex Dore is a journalist with the Sacramento Bee in California and one of the few Green Building Journalists in the Bay Area.

He has worked for the paper since 2010 and has a big focus on green building stories.

“When I started out in this business, I really didn’t have a big audience,” he said.

Now, he has the opportunity to do that and he wants to be the best journalist possible.

Reporter Lauren Ponce is a columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle in California, which has had more than a dozen Green Building News reporters.

She said, “The Green Building Business is really booming and a lot has been written about it, but there’s a lot that’s missing from the public eye.”

Reporter Sarah Lee is a senior reporter for the Washington Examiner in Washington, D.C. She covers the green business in California for the publication.

“In the Green building press we’re not focusing on green buildings because we’re trying to be transparent,” she explained.

“It’s about reporting on green and green buildings in general, and we try to cover all facets of green and sustainability.”

Reporter Jennifer Saffron is the editor in chief of the Green and Sustainable Building Journal, an online magazine that covers green buildings.

She has been writing about green building news since 2012.

“The first Green Building Journal was created to provide an avenue for journalists to report the green construction industry in a positive and honest way,” she added.

Reporter Amy Sussman is the managing editor of the New York Times Building section.

In her first year of covering green building, she wrote a story about the construction of a new $1 billion mixed-use development on the site of a former naval base in San Diego.

The story was picked up by several other newspapers in the region, and it was featured in the front page of The New York Observer.

“So I think the success of the building press is a result of our ability to write about the industry in ways that are more honest, more truthful,” she continued.

“And we want to make sure that that kind of reporting is shared with the general public.”

Reporter Laura Pizzey is the deputy managing editor for the Los Angeles Times building section.

For the past five years, she has been covering green construction in the city, as well as the Bay area, covering the California Coastal Commission, San Francisco Bay and Santa Cruz County.

She hopes to continue her coverage in other cities in the future.

“There’s a great sense of camaraderie among the reporters who have worked at the Green Buildings Journal, and there’s so much energy,” she commented.

“One of the things we try and do as journalists, and as business owners, is to share our stories and give the community a better understanding of what’s going on.

And I think that’s something that has been true with the Green Business and the Green News in general.”

Reporter Erin Cordero has been working as a reporter for more than 25 years.

She started her career in the construction business at the Sacramento Tribune in 1991 and has worked in numerous other publications since.

“Green building news is a booming industry and we want the Green Builders to get the green press coverage that they deserve,” she stated.

Reporter Emily Mollison is a freelance writer and journalist with more than 20 years experience covering the industry.

“Working in the office has been an incredible experience,” she noted.

“This is a different kind, more professional kind of writing I’ve never experienced.

I feel like I’ve been doing this for 20 years.”

Reporter Rachel Corderos is a news editor for The Orange County Democrat.

She also works at the paper and

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