How to Get Into a Green Building in Perth

The green building convention in Perth is an annual event that draws hundreds of people from all walks of life and has been held for years in the heart of Perth.

Green Building Convention Perth has grown over the past decade with over 1,500 people taking part each year, but this year the event is back with a vengeance with the addition of a second venue.

The Perth Green Building Convention is back in Perth with the opening of Perth Green, a new green building exhibition space.

The event was originally scheduled to take place at the Adelaide Convention Centre in 2015 but the venue has been moved to the new Perth Green building convention centre at the Perth International Centre.

Organised by the Perth Green Society, Perth Green is a unique space, which aims to engage and inspire people to live and work in a green building.

It has a number of special exhibitions and events taking place in the event space, with the Perth Hotel, the Perth Waterfront, Perth’s Opera House and the new PCC being the main venues.

While Perth Green has been a popular event in the city, there is another, more mainstream event being held at the same venue.

Perth is one of the fastest growing Australian cities and the number of new green buildings in the Perth metropolitan area has been increasing steadily.

With Perth growing and with green building conventions such as Perth Green and Perth Green being a fixture of the local calendar, it is no surprise that the Perth Convention Centre has decided to host an event that will appeal to the locals and bring in a big crowd.

Admission to Perth Green can be made at Perth International Convention Centre on Saturday September 27 at 10am, but if you want to see the new venue before then, there will be an opening ceremony and event from 12pm.

There are also a number more events taking up the time at Perth Green.

You can see Perth Green in action by visiting Perth International Conference Centre, Perth International Exhibition Centre, PCC Perth, Perth Hotel Perth, PCHP Perth and Perth Hotel PCC.

Photos courtesy of Perth International Conventions, Perth Convention and Perth Convention Center.

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