How to get your building back on its feet

By Mark HaddonAuckland’s green building business, Green Building 101, has been forced to reopen after it was shut down due to the virus.

Key points:Auckland has seen a rise in coronavirus cases and a coronaviral death rateThe new building was being used as a health and safety centreBut the building’s owners say they are facing a major financial lossThis is the first time that the building has been used as part of a health- and safety-related work since it was closed down.

The company, which specialises in building sustainability and community engagement, had to shut down the business after receiving several death and hospitalisation alerts.

It was due to open again this week but the owner has now announced it will be closing.

Green Building 101 said it was a major economic loss and it was forced to close due to a financial impact on the business.

It is the second time in less than a month that the business has been shut down and it will remain closed until the end of September.

Green building 101, which is located in Waikato’s Green Building District, closed down after it became the centre for coronaviruses and was deemed too dangerous.

It had been running for the past 18 months.

Auckland residents have been complaining about unsafe conditions at the building for months.

Its owners, Auckland Green Building Group, have blamed the virus for a number of health and social concerns, including a coronovirus death rate of 14 per cent and a number-one coronaviscontact at the site.

The group said the closure of the business was “due to an imminent financial loss” as it was being paid out to the council to cover the costs of caring for the building.

However, Auckland’s Health and Social Development Minister David Parker has said the council is responsible for the costs, and said it will “make a decision about whether it’s a good fit for the community”.

Mr Parker said the new business would be used as an alternative health and care centre, and would be run by volunteers.

“This is a building that is going to be used to house our health and safe workers,” he said.

“They’re going to have a good, safe environment.”

However, the group said it would not be able to continue to operate.

“It’s just not a sustainable way of operating.

It’s just too expensive.”

The building has already been used by several other groups, including the Ministry of Health and the Ministry for Primary Industries, to host events.

It will remain open to rent and it is unclear whether or not the building will be rented out.

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