‘It’s a bit of a shame’: The world’s first green building

An innovative and innovative building, a multi-storey structure, is a green building publication’s new pick of the year.

The award is given by the Green Building Federation, which has been campaigning for green building in New Zealand.

In a statement, Green Building Magazine editor-in-chief Sam Farr said the awards had “been the best” for the past five years.

“The award for Best Green Building, for the first time, has also been a result of the organisation’s campaigning and its positive impact on the environment,” Mr Farr added.

“I think the awards are testament to the fact that the Green Builders and Green Building Society are really committed to this issue and really have made a real difference.”

The winner is the Green building magazine, which had been running its annual award ceremony since 2013.

The magazine was founded in 2002 and publishes an annual list of top green building magazines.

The New Zealand building magazine has been running a competition to name a new building magazine since 2011.

“We have had a lot of good feedback from people who have gone through the process, and they’ve been really supportive,” Ms Farr told the Herald.

“People have been really enthusiastic and supportive.”

Green building Magazine is based in Christchurch, New Zealand, but has offices in Auckland and Hamilton, and has been featured in publications across the globe.

The winning building magazine will be named this year.

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