It’s hard to think of a better place to build an eco-friendly building than the world’s largest greenhouse: the giant ‘Green Building of the Future’

The Green Building of The Future is a futuristic, energy-efficient building designed by architect J. R. Riddell.

The building has the capacity to produce 1,600 metric tons of CO2 per year and is set to be completed by 2023. 

The project is part of the Green Building program launched by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to encourage the use of renewable energy in large buildings.

The program was launched with the goal of creating the largest greenhouse-friendly buildings possible by 2045. 

While it is not technically the largest building on Earth, it is larger than any other building in the world with the largest footprint, which includes the tallest building in New York City, the Empire State Building.

It is also the largest carbon footprint building in America. 

In an interview with The Guardian, Riddells architects stated that the project is intended to inspire people to make green building a reality. 

“The Green Building has a remarkable impact on our world, because it is both a reflection of the climate and the future of the planet,” Riddolls said.

“It represents an enormous contribution to the climate, but also a symbol of our commitment to a clean and green future.”

Our building is a reflection on a very important issue of our time, climate change.” 

In order to help build a sustainable future, the building will be powered by a combination of renewable and nuclear energy.

Reddells said the building would require energy efficiency of up to 60% and would be powered entirely by wind energy. 

According to the project website, the greenhouse will be designed to be constructed in such a way that it would only require minimal maintenance to operate.

It will also have a green roof, as well as solar panels, solar energy storage, and wind power generators. 

A video of the project, titled The Green Construction of the future, was posted on Riddills website. 

As you can see in the video above, it looks to be quite a daunting task to build the largest CO2-free building on the planet. 

However, the architects are confident that the greenhouse is actually more than capable of producing a ton of CO3 per year. 

Riddell stated that they are currently working on “a detailed design of the building” and are confident they can meet the EPA requirements. 

Additionally, Riddles project has the potential to be a catalyst for other cities to take the Green building program further. 

For instance, the project will also serve as a template for cities across the U,S., and the world to build their own greenhouse buildings. 

There are a number of other sustainability initiatives in the pipeline that Riddolls is actively working on.

For instance, he recently launched the Riddel Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting green buildings.

For more information about the Green Construction project, visit the Green Buildings website.

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