Meet the world’s first green building, which is also the largest in the world

A giant green building in southern Sweden has become the world record holder for the largest structure in the green building industry.

Green Building Institute founder Peter Sjoberg said his building in Malmö, southern Sweden, was designed to be the largest and most powerful green building on earth.

It weighs in at 2,200 tonnes, making it the biggest and tallest in the industry.

The building has a total floor area of 4,100,000 square metres.

The largest green building is the Dubai Green Building, a 50-storey, 1.2-million-square-metre skyscraper that sits in the desert near the Gulf of Oman.

The green building market in Sweden is worth about $1.2 billion annually.

The Swedish government announced last month that it would spend a total of $1 billion to create a green building for Sweden’s 2022 Olympics.

In 2016, the government announced a green development of the largest building in the country’s history, the former Soviet Union’s Red Square.

The government said the building would be the world´s largest green structure.

The government said it planned to open the site of the Red Square building in 2024, after the Olympics.

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