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How to create a ‘green building’ in your home

If you want to live in a green building, then there are several things to consider.One is the design of the building itself.Green spaces can be designed to provide shade, shade is good.But if you are going to be in a greenhouse you need to have a different approach.In this article, we will be talking […]

‘Green building’ initiative to create green building infrastructure will create green infrastructure, says city spokesperson

GREEN BAY, Wis.— Green building initiative to Create Green Building Infrastructure will create Green Building infrastructure, the Green Building Initiative (GBI) released a press release Wednesday announcing the launch of a nationwide program.The program, which has been described as a “world first,” is a “social innovation and social transformation strategy” for cities to build green […]

When is the best time to launch a green building initiative?

On the heels of a $50 million green building fund announced by the Minneapolis Green Building Council (MGBC), the Minneapolis City Council voted last week to invest $50,000 in an initiative called The Green Building Initiative.The MGBC is an organization that encourages local businesses to build green buildings, which it describes as “creating and maintaining […]

Why Sydney’s green building is not doing its job

A new study has found that Sydney’s Green Building Initiative is not a panacea for tackling climate change, and instead exacerbates the problem by forcing developers to build buildings that do not address the city’s growing urban water and sewer systems. The study, conducted by a coalition of groups including the Australian Council of Civil Engineers […]

Google announces Google Play Music, Google Music Store and Music Unlimited – June 2017

Google has announced the availability of the Google Play Store and Google Music, the first two new services launched in the Play Store this year. The Google Play store offers a selection of apps for download and is the first to offer subscription-based services, including Google Play Movies and Google Play Books. Google Music offers streaming music […]

Green Building Masterplan is a Green Building masterplan that’s green

A green building master plan is a green building blueprint, a blueprint for how to build green buildings. It has the following components: Green Building Assessment, Grease Build Up, Green Brick Building, and Green Building Construction. This blueprint for building green buildings is a plan to help build green spaces in your community. Here’s what a green structure could […]

This is the ‘green building’ animation from Google’s new green building project in India

Google is rolling out a new green-building animation in India.It was announced this week by India’s government, which has pledged to build 300 million square feet of green buildings by 2022.The animated sequence depicts the construction of a green building on a flat field.India is in the middle of a construction boom and it has […]

How green building lighting can be the difference between a thriving city and a ghost town

Building lights are an essential part of modern cities.These lights are not just for home use and are the only way to provide a light source for the whole city.However, they can also be the main source of pollution when it comes to urban green building.When it comes time to move, urban green buildings can […]

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