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Google announces Google Play Music, Google Music Store and Music Unlimited – June 2017

Google has announced the availability of the Google Play Store and Google Music, the first two new services launched in the Play Store this year.¬†The Google Play store offers a selection of apps for download and is the first to offer subscription-based services, including Google Play Movies and Google Play Books.¬†Google Music offers streaming music […]

This is the ‘green building’ animation from Google’s new green building project in India

Google is rolling out a new green-building animation in India.It was announced this week by India’s government, which has pledged to build 300 million square feet of green buildings by 2022.The animated sequence depicts the construction of a green building on a flat field.India is in the middle of a construction boom and it has […]

New building to feature green spaces in a new ‘green commercial building’

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the first green building to open in the U.S.The Green Building Council, a nonprofit group that represents the building industry, announced Thursday that it would present the first Green Building Awards to the new building at 10,000 S. Florida Ave., near the University of Miami campus.The organization says […]

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