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How to Build an IBM Green Building arizon: The Interview with the CEO of the Green Building Authority of Arizona

In the days before the launch of the IBM Green building aria, IBM’s CEO, John Murphy, talked with me about what IBM had to offer.He told me that, for instance, he wanted to build a new facility at the site of the old IBM Research Center in Tucson, where IBM was headquartered, because it was […]

How to get a green building advisor: a guide

A guide to getting a greenbuilding advisor in Australia.article The green building industry in Australia is very important to the economy, and there is a need for a dedicated green building adviser.Green building advisors are a key element of the Australian economy and can play a key role in the future of the industry, particularly […]

Why is Arizona’s Arizona House Speaker voting for a controversial bill?

AUSTIN — Arizona House speaker says he voted against a controversial Arizona bill that would allow businesses to discriminate against gay and transgender employees, arguing it was not necessary.House Republicans voted overwhelmingly on Thursday to pass the House Bill 586, which was the first piece of legislation to be sent to Gov.Doug Ducey for his […]

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