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When Your Home Will Become a Green Building Infrastructure

Green building infrastructure includes green building codes and green building code enforcement programs.They’re important because they’re helping to ensure that buildings aren’t polluting our air and water, and they’re making our cities greener by reducing CO2 emissions.But they also help to ensure the city has green building infrastructure that will protect against the hazards of […]

How the U.S. government is using the Internet to target foreign diplomats

By LORI MAHONEY and ANNE HANNENSTAD article June 11, 2018 12:06:36 A former senior intelligence official, who is in the process of leaving the agency, said the National Security Agency (NSA) was collecting vast amounts of data about foreign leaders’ personal emails and phone calls.The NSA was tapping into the servers of some of the […]

How green building lighting can be the difference between a thriving city and a ghost town

Building lights are an essential part of modern cities.These lights are not just for home use and are the only way to provide a light source for the whole city.However, they can also be the main source of pollution when it comes to urban green building.When it comes time to move, urban green buildings can […]

Why does the green building in Germany look like a giant computer screen?

Posted March 12, 2020 06:30:11A green building is a massive computer monitor that has been built to look like an actual green building.The green building at the centre of the green-filled room is called the “Green Building”.The building is made of the lightest of materials and is made from recycled materials such as wood, paper […]

Which Green Building is Best for Your Neighborhood?

The Green Building Association has released its rankings for the best green buildings in the US.The rankings were conducted by Google.Here’s what you need to know.1.The Best Green Building in the Country (ranked #2)2.The Top Green Building of the Year (ranked 2)3.The Worst Green Building (ranked 3)4.The Most Affordable Green Building on the Planet (ranked […]

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