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How to build an energy-efficient green building

This article is the first in a series of posts designed to educate readers on the most important building building components that they can incorporate into their home.The other posts in this series are: 1.How to Build an Energy-Efficient Green Building (4,500 square feet) 2.How To Build a Green Building in a Climate-Emissive Area (2,500 […]

Why is the Green Building Code of Practice (GCBP) failing green building certification?

The Green Building Certification Programme (GCCP) is a voluntary programme to help the green building industry improve its standards and standards management.It is designed to assist businesses in providing a consistent set of standards for green buildings.It was developed in conjunction with the Ministry of Energy and Climate Change (MoECC) to provide a means for […]

New York City approves $3 billion plan to rebuild entire city

New York’s new city building insulation program is going to cost more than $3.5 billion, but that’s not all the money the city plans to spend on the project.New York Mayor Bill de Blasio says the city’s entire building insulation system is going up for bids in 2020, and that’s just a fraction of what […]

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