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How to create a ‘green building’ in your home

If you want to live in a green building, then there are several things to consider.One is the design of the building itself.Green spaces can be designed to provide shade, shade is good.But if you are going to be in a greenhouse you need to have a different approach.In this article, we will be talking […]

How to build your own green building bible: How to start building an eco-friendly home

The green building Bible is an online guide to building a sustainable green building, and it can be downloaded and read online.Here’s how to download it and start learning.1.Start by reading the book, or using a reference copy.The Green Building Bible is written by renowned Canadian architect and environmentalist Alan Jones, and can be found […]

How to build a Green Building with $250K in Online Funds

I am a digital entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience building software applications that can make your life easier and more enjoyable.As a Green Bureaus (GBI) consultant, I’ve been involved in several GBI green building projects around the world.I have also written a series of books on Green Building Technology, and am passionate about […]

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