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Why you should be using a green building quiz

What do you do when you’re unsure if you’re doing something right or not?This quiz will help you discover the right way to build your green building in your own home.It’s easy to use and will help get you started building in green.If you’re new to building green, check out our green building guide.1.You’re building […]

Green building supplier confirms it’s building a new green building in Vancouver

Vancouver, British Columbia, Sept. 22, 2018 — Green Building Supply, a Vancouver-based supplier of green building materials, is building a green building to be located in a former landfill, the company confirmed Thursday.The new building, which will be constructed on a vacant lot, will be one of a few green buildings in Vancouver to be […]

What is a green building rating?

In this episode of The Green Building Podcast, we talk about green building ratings, the concept of green building, and green building inspection.Green building inspection is a practice that helps green building owners and builders know whether a building meets or falls into certain green building standards.It’s a way to make sure your green building […]

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