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How to Design Your Green Building to Keep You Green

Green Building Systems, Green Hell Buildings, Green Buildings rated by Next Big Futures are designed to be resilient and resilient in a green environment.They can help to create a city that is sustainable in its own right. The rating system has been developed by the Green Building Institute and uses a blend of criteria including sustainability, […]

Which Florida green building building should you buy?

green building,building,green building,red building source The Washington Post title Which of the new buildings in Washington DC is the most eco-friendly?article The new buildings that opened last month are a big deal in Washington.But is the city-state green?Here’s a look at the eco-trends that are taking place in the nation’s capital.The green building trend in […]

What is a green building rating?

In this episode of The Green Building Podcast, we talk about green building ratings, the concept of green building, and green building inspection.Green building inspection is a practice that helps green building owners and builders know whether a building meets or falls into certain green building standards.It’s a way to make sure your green building […]

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