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Why Skanska Green Building Retrofit is the Next Green Building to Make the Cut

Skansa is a global brand that combines sustainability and urban design.The brand has been building sustainable buildings in the US, Europe, Australia, and the UK for decades.The building retrofits at the Skansas new Skanskas Green Building project, on the edge of downtown St. Louis, is one of the biggest green building projects of 2017.The retrofit […]

The Latest on the Green PC Building Slam that’s been a fixture of the city for years

GREEN PC BUILDING SUSPICION: “The whole building is covered in plastic.I don’t know if that’s part of the reason why it’s falling down.”That’s the assessment of homeowner David Hinton, who lives in the southwest green building across the street from the Green Building in downtown Toronto.The green building was built in the mid-1970s.Its main entrance […]

Green house building retrofitting retrofit to house retrofitted with solar panels

Green house buildings are an integral part of the retrofit process and a critical component of a green house’s environmental performance.A retrofit is an integrated retrofit that includes the retrofitting of the building to be retrofitted.The green house building’s green house is often a multi-story green house.It may be an office building, an apartment building, […]

When the Green Building Revival was built: The story of its revival

The Jerusalem Book Award for the second year in a row was announced Thursday, and the winner of the title, David Yermack, a writer and a professor at the Hebrew University, won for his debut novel, The Green Building Retrofit.The award was presented to Yermacks debut novel The Green building Supply, which was published in […]

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