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What we know about the Phoenix Green Building disaster

What we do know about a major building collapse in Toronto in August: a lack of evacuation procedures and inadequate warning for residents.Phoenix’s Green Building in the heart of Toronto’s Downtown core was built to house the city’s largest public housing project and was intended to serve as the citys first large mixed-use building with […]

When the sun sets, a new green building will rise in Toronto

The new Toronto Green Building Society’s press release is a call for a new wave of green building ideas.It also urges the city to take a cue from the iconic green building at the top of Toronto’s skyline, the Toronto Star.The new building society was created in the wake of the devastating fires in 2008, […]

When Torontonians pay to see an animated ride at the green park, it’s actually a good thing

A Toronto city councillor has asked the province to allow visitors to take a look at the ride at Toronto’s green park.Councillor Glenn De Baeremaeker made the request on Monday after a viewer posted a video of the attraction at the park.It was created by the animation company Disney Imagineering.De Baekmaeker, who represents the riding […]

How to get your green building project approved by the City of Toronto

The City of Ottawa has recently been given a green building plan and an environmental assessment to move forward with its green building scheme.The project is a major milestone for the city, which is hoping to bring up to 30,000 homes and apartments to the city by 2030.The City is currently working on the project […]

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