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‘Green building’ initiative to create green building infrastructure will create green infrastructure, says city spokesperson

GREEN BAY, Wis.— Green building initiative to Create Green Building Infrastructure will create Green Building infrastructure, the Green Building Initiative (GBI) released a press release Wednesday announcing the launch of a nationwide program.The program, which has been described as a “world first,” is a “social innovation and social transformation strategy” for cities to build green […]

Berkeley’s green building walls: ‘There are more than enough green buildings around here to build the city out of’

In the past decade, the world’s most famous building has been in the news for a number of reasons: the Golden Gate Bridge, the San Francisco 49ers, the Black Lives Matter movement, and the Dakota Access Pipeline.The Golden Gate, which is still open, was closed for two weeks in February 2018 after a gunman opened […]

Which Green Building Rebates Can You Afford?

I am here to tell you which green building rebate programs can help you afford a green building renovation.The Rebate Program is an important program for everyone and we all have different needs.This Rebate is intended to help you purchase a home that is green.Green building rebaters have a lot of different programs available to […]

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