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How to get green building press coverage in the green building boom

GREEN BUILDING PRESS (CBS News) — There are thousands of green building reporters around the country.It’s a growing business, with a lot of talented and experienced reporters covering the green buildings boom, according to a recent survey of more than 1,000 green building journalists and managers.But for every green building reporter who’s getting the green […]

Why you need to invest in green buildings

What do you want your green building to be?If you are building green houses or green roofs, this article will help you make an informed decision.The article discusses some of the best practices and challenges associated with building green buildings.What are the main benefits of building green?The benefits of green building are varied, but the […]

How to build a green building in Vancouver

A new building in one of Vancouver’s greenest neighbourhoods is under construction.The $10 million (AUD$9.9 million) building is being built in West Burnaby, just south of the city’s CBD.It’s part of a larger $20 million ($14 million) project that aims to boost the greening of the neighbourhood.The building is part of the larger $40 million […]

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