TAIWAAN GREEN Building, an ambitious green building in Taipei, has been installed by the Chinese government.

The building was the subject of a major controversy after a court ordered that it be demolished.

The court ruled that the building’s structure and the way in which it was built constituted illegal structures and was therefore illegal.

The green building project has faced numerous criticisms.

The Taipei government has said that the project will create an environment that encourages more people to come and work here, but critics argue that the green building’s design is illegal and illegal structures are built in the green areas.

The project was first announced in 2017 and was completed in 2019.

The government has previously denied that the design of the building was illegal.

But the building, which has been on the site since at least 2012, has also faced criticism from the Chinese media.

Critics argue that green buildings, which are usually built with solar panels and recycled materials, create a harmful and environmentally damaging effect on the environment.

They argue that it creates a green zone, where plants are not protected.

A government official told the BBC that the decision to demolish the green structure was not political, but in line with the government’s policy of helping people to make good use of their land.

The official said that it was not clear what the decision was based on, but that the demolition would be made in the future.

The local government has yet to comment on the decision.

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