The Latest on the Green PC Building Slam that’s been a fixture of the city for years

GREEN PC BUILDING SUSPICION: “The whole building is covered in plastic.

I don’t know if that’s part of the reason why it’s falling down.”

That’s the assessment of homeowner David Hinton, who lives in the southwest green building across the street from the Green Building in downtown Toronto.

The green building was built in the mid-1970s.

Its main entrance is a big, concrete slab, with a glass door that has been broken open.

The building is located at the corner of Queen and Spadina, which is adjacent to the subway station.

It was built with money from the Toronto Transit Commission and the federal government to replace a damaged garage and a crumbling parking garage at Queen and Lawrence.

The new garage had been a fire hazard, so the Toronto city council approved the building’s demolition.

Hinton said the building was already partially demolished by the time he and his family moved in in 2014, and the whole building was covered in the plastic.

He said the plastic was removed about two years ago, and it had started to peel away.

“I’m not surprised that the building is falling down.

It’s part and parcel of what’s going on in this building,” Hinton said.HINTON: “It’s been an iconic building for Toronto for years.

People come in from all over to go and play.

It has been a gathering spot for a lot of different types of people.”

A city spokesperson told CBC News the city was aware of the problem, but declined to comment further.

“The city continues to work with the City of Toronto to identify and address issues related to plastic debris,” the spokesperson said in a statement.HINDEN: “People have been coming here since the 70s.

There’s a lot going on with it and I think it’s just getting out of hand.

It makes me wonder what’s next.”

There’s been some plastic in the building that was not supposed to be there, and now it’s coming up through the cracks.

“The building is one of many in Toronto that have been affected by the Green PDC building demolition, which has been ongoing for a year.

The Toronto city manager’s office said that the city will begin to pay for the demolition in October.

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