Toronto, Canada: First wave of green building projects to open in 2020

A wave of new green building developments are expected to open over the next two years in Toronto.

The city has announced that the first phase of new building projects will open in 2021, with a second phase expected to begin in 2022.

In all, 8,500 green buildings are planned for the city, of which 6,500 will be built in the next decade.

This is a significant milestone, said Mayor John Tory, who said the city has the infrastructure to be “a very green city for years to come.”

“The City of Toronto has already shown a tremendous commitment to green building,” Tory said.

“This is a new and exciting development and one that will serve as a beacon for many more.”

A new green housing tower on Yonge Street will be the first green building in the city to be completed.

The project will include 1,400 square feet of ground floor retail space and 1,300 square feet for a ground-floor café.

The tower is expected to cost $2 million, and is expected be complete by 2019.

The developer is looking to build the new tower in the West End, near a new residential tower, which is planned for a site near the Toronto Zoo.

“The new development will allow for a much larger footprint and create more housing, which will create a lot of jobs,” said Mike Smith, managing director of development for the developer.

The proposed tower is the first in a planned new housing tower in Toronto to include retail space.

“We are excited to see how the new developments will complement the City’s ambitious plan to create a sustainable city,” Smith said.

Toronto has also announced a total of 19 green buildings planned for completion in 2020.

Of these, two will be green structures and one will be a commercial space, with the latter being an “intelligent space,” Smith added.

Smith said the new green buildings will be more than 1,000 square feet and include residential and commercial space.

These new buildings will have a combined total of 1,700 square feet, Smith said, adding that they will be mostly retail spaces.

“It’s an exciting time for Toronto as the city is now embarking on a green transformation,” Smith told CBC News.

“And we’re excited to have the green building industry in Toronto taking a significant step forward to support this.”

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