Trump says the US ‘shouldn’t be paying any attention’ to China in climate talks

President Donald Trump on Tuesday said the US should not be paying “any attention” to China and should instead focus on getting China to accept the “green building” standards.

Speaking at the Environmental Protection Agency’s National Center for Clean Energy Technology Summit in Atlanta, Trump also criticized the Obama administration’s Climate Action Plan, which Trump said he would be “very tough” on if elected.

“I would be very tough, because if we’re going to be going to Paris and other places, and China is going to do nothing, you’re going be paying a lot of money for them,” Trump said.

“They’re going, I’m telling you, they’re going.

They’re going out there with this huge green building technology that’s going to take us in the direction of having a horrible climate.”

China and the United States have a long history of trade disputes.

In 2005, the Trump administration sued China for allegedly infringing on American intellectual property by failing to curb greenhouse gas emissions and to enforce the Clean Air Act.

In the years since, the two countries have become closer, though Trump has called climate change a “hoax” and has expressed his frustration with the US climate change policies.

“China’s a country that’s trying to build an artificial barrier to make the world safe, and you know, that’s not going to work,” Trump told reporters on Monday.

Trump’s comments on Tuesday echoed those of Trump’s nominee for secretary of energy, former Oklahoma Gov.

Mary Fallin, who said during a Senate hearing last month that China should pay for the construction of a wall along the US border with Mexico to prevent “illegal immigration” from Mexico.

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