Watch: Watch: Esme Green Building in Dubai Is a World Class Building

Dubai has been hailed as a world-class building site for decades.

The iconic green building that houses Dubai’s iconic shopping mall and the Royal Palace of Dubai has housed the country’s royal family since the early 19th century.

Since then, its history has been closely watched by investors and international dignitaries as they seek to transform the city.

It’s also the home of the world’s largest diamond mine, a state-of-the-art museum and a popular venue for international summits.

But now, a new skyscraper has opened up in Dubai’s capital, which may change that.

Esme green Building is a new office and retail complex that’s expected to attract 1 million people a year, a lot of which will be expatriates and visitors to the UAE.

The complex has been built on land owned by the Saudi royal family.

“This will be a major commercial and cultural hub,” said Esme CEO Ahmed El-Ghanem, a Jordanian who is also the CEO of the UAE’s largest construction company.

He told Buzzfeed the project is a “significant step forward for Dubai.”

Esme is expected to generate $1.3 billion in annual revenues, the majority of which is expected going to the Saudi Royal family.

It will also be the biggest construction project in the UAE and will house a number of international companies.

“We are looking at the world as a whole, not just Dubai,” said El-Ghannem.

“Our main focus is the royal family.”

The project’s architect, Hani Zaidi, who has worked on many of Dubai’s tallest buildings, has previously worked on high-profile projects in other major cities including London, Paris and New York.

“The project will be more commercial than a skyscraper,” said Zaidie, referring to the fact that it will house more than 1 million residents.

“In addition to being the largest residential building in the Middle East, it will be the largest commercial development in the world.”

It will be built at the intersection of Dubai Mall and the Dubai International Airport, and is expected be completed by 2021.

The project will consist of the building’s residential and commercial sections, along with offices and shops, as well as a hotel, retail space and an office park.

The company is also working on a hotel and a hotel-casino, which is part of its planned project to create a hub of tourism, entertainment and shopping.

“It’s a real jewel,” said Mohammad Shafiq, executive director of the Dubai Development Authority.

“I think this is a big step forward in the development of the city.”

El-Gamal said the building is part, and will be part of, the Dubai Residences project.

“That is the key part of the project,” he said.

“When you see a development like this, and the fact we are creating a hub for tourism, we are trying to be very proactive in that area.”

Esseem is the biggest project that Esme has ever undertaken, with a total budget of $1 billion.

Its initial plan is to build the entire complex in two phases, with the first phase expected to be completed in 2021.

This means the project will only cover about half of the area, which was once the size of two football fields.

“Esme has always done things in a sustainable way, and it is a great project to work on,” said Nader Saeed, a professor of urban planning at Al Udeid University in Qatar.

“You can imagine the scale of this project if you are in Dubai.

It is a really big project.”

Esmaes main goal is to attract visitors to Dubai, and to create jobs in the city and the UAE, according to El-Jazari.

The office building will include restaurants and shops along with a hotel that will be connected to the Esme campus, and other areas.

“What Esme brings to Dubai is a huge potential to build a city, and an investment to create new jobs,” he added.

Esmae plans to build its first commercial and residential tower in the middle of the hotel, which will feature a large outdoor terrace, and a number at ground level that will include a restaurant and other businesses.

“Its the best combination for Dubai and for the UAE,” said Shafiqi.

“A new building like this creates a lot more jobs and creates an investment.”

The hotel and hotel-café will be linked together by an underground elevator system, and can serve as offices and offices and other retail space, as the complex itself is expected a major hub for business.

Esmes project will also have an international component.

The Dubai Development Administration (DDA) will be responsible for overseeing the project, which also includes a project called the Esman Square Tower, which aims to build new buildings in the Dubai Mall, as a destination for visitors and businesses.

Esman Tower, expected to open in 2021, will be owned by

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