What we know about the Phoenix Green Building disaster

What we do know about a major building collapse in Toronto in August: a lack of evacuation procedures and inadequate warning for residents.

Phoenix’s Green Building in the heart of Toronto’s Downtown core was built to house the city’s largest public housing project and was intended to serve as the citys first large mixed-use building with an affordable floor plan.

Its collapse, as well as the collapse of the former World Trade Centre, is now being seen as the start of the end of Toronto as we know it.

The Phoenix building, known as the Green Building, is located in the city of Toronto at the intersection of Bloor Street West and Gerrard Street.

It was designed to house 1,800 people.

Its roof is a thin layer of glass, but the foundation of the building was also thick, with steel reinforcing columns.

On the day the building collapsed, the fire department was alerted to a fire at the building.

The emergency department at the scene was also flooded with calls from people reporting smoke inhalation.

Fire crews were on scene within five minutes of the first call.

Toronto’s fire department is in charge of responding to fires and major disasters in Toronto.

In the years that followed, Toronto’s fire and emergency services were given an unprecedented level of control, training and resources.

“The emergency services had been trained in how to handle fire and other natural disasters,” Toronto Fire Chief Chris Bateman told CBC News.

“And they responded as best they could.”

On July 20, 2011, the first of the fires started in the building, which had been the centre of the Phoenix project.

A month later, the Toronto Fire Department reported the building had lost its sprinkler system and was in danger of catching fire.

There were a total of 824 people inside the building at the time of the fire.

All of those people were evacuated from the building within two hours.

But by then, Phoenix had become a major city centre and was a centre of life for thousands of people.

In July 2013, Phoenix was sold to a Toronto-based developer and converted into apartments.

The building is now a rental complex with 2,600 residents.

After the fire, Phoenix lost more than $6.5 million in value and was declared a disaster site by the province.

In August, Toronto Mayor John Tory visited Phoenix, which was then a ghost town.

This week, Phoenix’s owners released a statement saying they would begin a new chapter in the Phoenix saga and were committed to building a better life for the people of Phoenix.

Follow all the latest news in real time: https://www.facebook.com/thegreensbuildingsstory/story/1347803765809953/ For more information about the fire and the Phoenix disaster, visit the Phoenix Red Cross site: https:/ / www.gordon.ca/ greenbuildings/ Phoenix Fire Rescue: https : / greenbuilds.org/ green/ disasters/ fire-response-gordon-ruth-kirkpatrick-greece-s-investigation-investigating-why-all-the-victims-were-never-seen-theres-a-new-story-on-thefire-investigations-of-gordons-red-cross

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