When is the best time to launch a green building initiative?

On the heels of a $50 million green building fund announced by the Minneapolis Green Building Council (MGBC), the Minneapolis City Council voted last week to invest $50,000 in an initiative called The Green Building Initiative.

The MGBC is an organization that encourages local businesses to build green buildings, which it describes as “creating and maintaining a healthy, sustainable and vibrant downtown and surrounding communities.”

The MGBB hopes to use this funds to launch two pilot programs in Minneapolis.

One will focus on greening buildings that meet the criteria of The Green Builders Guide for Building Green Buildings.

The other will target green building efforts in Minneapolis that have not yet been adopted.

“The Green Building Guide is the blueprint for building green buildings and has been endorsed by the Green Building Association, the Minnesota Urban League, the Downtown Development Council and the Minneapolis Alliance for Affordable Housing,” said MGBBC President Kevin McNeil.

“These new pilot programs will take the guidelines we’ve developed and apply them to the green building community in Minneapolis.”

The Green Builder Guide is a set of guidelines and guidelines for green building design that have been endorsed and developed by the MGBCP, the MIBCP, and other Green Building Associations.

Its aim is to help build the sustainable green buildings that are needed to make Minneapolis a more livable, vibrant and healthy city.

“This is the beginning of a long-term process that will hopefully create more than a few green buildings,” McNeil said.

“It’s really important that we’re creating and maintaining the building that is necessary to meet our goals for Minneapolis.”

Green building programs are an important step in the process, he added.

“There is a real need for building and maintaining green buildings in the Minneapolis region, and this is the first step towards creating those green buildings.”

McNeil and the MMBB are hopeful that the pilot programs can be a catalyst for more Green Building programs.

“The MMBC is the largest and most influential in Minneapolis, and we’re really excited about this pilot,” McNeill said.

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