When the sun sets, a new green building will rise in Toronto

The new Toronto Green Building Society’s press release is a call for a new wave of green building ideas.

It also urges the city to take a cue from the iconic green building at the top of Toronto’s skyline, the Toronto Star.

The new building society was created in the wake of the devastating fires in 2008, and will be led by the former mayor’s son, Andrew Green, who will be in charge of its development and operations.

Its members include former Toronto firefighters, community leaders and architects.

“Toronto is at a crossroads,” the press release states.

“The city needs to do more to create a thriving, green, inclusive, and vibrant urban core.

It’s time for a building society that is focused on creating more sustainable buildings and better practices.

We are looking forward to partnering with the city, city staff, and our members to help us achieve that vision.”

In its statement, the city also calls for more transparency around the process and accountability of building society development, including transparency of all projects.

We will be working closely with the Building Society to ensure the city has the right and ability to deliver a building that meets the needs of the community.

A Toronto resident and environmentalist, I can attest to the need for a green building society.

It’s a real boon for the city and the city needs it.

The building society is already building green projects like a new city park on King Street West.

I am pleased that the city is stepping up its efforts to make the city’s green spaces more attractive and accessible to all, whether they are first responders, entrepreneurs or people who live in and around downtown Toronto.

As long as I am mayor, I will continue to work with the building society to build a building with more sustainability in mind.

TTC board chair Mark Grimes says the board will look at the city press release closely.

“It is important to me that we have a city that is truly green, and I am proud that we are doing that,” he said.

But what about those new buildings that aren’t green?

Some of the buildings in the press statement are in need of some facelifts.

One of the largest, the iconic, yellow and white Toronto Sun building, is the subject of an ongoing heritage preservation project in the city.

While there are many, many other projects that are in the works for the new building, the press says the most pressing need is for a glass wall to be installed.

If Toronto wants to see a green, open city, it needs to start with the Green Building in the Sun.

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