Which building inspections should you ask before building your dream new home?

India is facing a shortage of affordable housing, which has forced many people to seek help from their neighbours in the form of green building inspections.

However, the number of green buildings inspections has declined in recent years.

In a new survey conducted by the Urban Land Institute, which is the think tank of the New Delhi-based NGO, more than one in four people in the city are willing to take an inspection to see if their building meets government standards, while the number has dropped to 22 per cent.

The survey, conducted from March 26 to 28, also showed that the number that was willing to inspect their buildings has decreased by half from the previous survey.

The Urban Land’s survey was conducted in seven cities: Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Delhi-NCR, Kalyan, and Goa.

In addition to the survey, Urban Land has conducted an extensive online survey to track the opinions of the urban residents and those who are interested in a green building.

The online survey was taken in five states: Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra-Delhi, and Tamil Nadu.

It showed that people in these states are more likely to report problems with their buildings and that the majority of them are not happy about them.

The majority of respondents who took the survey said they are happy with their current buildings.

However more than two-thirds of respondents in the Maharashtra and Karnataka regions are also not happy with the buildings, while in the Andhra region, only 28 per cent are happy.

According to the Urban Law Society, which conducted the survey in Maharashtra, the survey revealed that the most common reasons for people who are unhappy with their green buildings are lack of proper signage and insufficient lighting.

They said that the problems are more prevalent in urban areas, which means the lack of signage is the main problem.

However it was not a clear cut issue.

People are also more likely than others to complain of pollution and the lack and the poor ventilation in the buildings.

It is also the case that people are more willing to seek a green inspection if they know about the problems.

Urban Law Society spokesperson Ramesh Jain said that in Mumbai, more people are willing than others, but they are not satisfied with their existing buildings.

He said that it is not uncommon for people in Mumbai to ask about the health and safety of their buildings in their survey.

This is the first time that people have asked about this, he said.

Jain said, “The survey showed that many of them were willing to look at their building and to have a look at the building’s safety.

They are not as keen about green building in other areas like Kolkatta and Chennai.

They do not want to spend money on the buildings and don’t want to have to pay the costs of inspections.”

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