Which Green Building is the Best in Toronto?

The city’s green building landscape has changed in the past decade.

As the city has become more reliant on green building, so too has the landscape of what is deemed a green building.

From the modernist façade to the open air space, we have a green skyline to explore, and there are many new green buildings to discover.

Here are some of our favourite green buildings in Toronto that are on our list of best green buildings.1.

Shingle, Shingles Corner, Toronto, ONM3.

Sling Tree, Humberstone, Ontario, CAN3.

Pivot Green Building, Green Building Ontario, ON, Canada3.

Grazie Green Building on Brossard, Québec, CAN4.

Pinnacle, Toronto West, Ontario-ONM5.

Rosedale Green Building at Sherbourne Park, Ontario and the surrounding area, Ontario6.

Rensbury Green Building (near Brossards Edge) at Richmond Hill, Ontario7.

Clements Green Building in Toronto, Ontario8.

Ponce de Leon Green Building Toronto, Canada9.

Kogarah Green BuildingToronto, Canada10.

Aldergreen Green Building near L’Heureux, Quebec and surrounding areas, Canada11.

Euston Green Building with Meech Lake Trail, Toronto-ON, Canada12.

Westcott Building, TorontoWest, Ontario12.

Hinton Green Building.

A new building designed by architect Bruce Meechuk in a historic building in Toronto’s historic Westcott neighbourhood.13.

Bloor-Danforth Green Building and Roseday Green BuildingThe new design of the Hinton and Bloor Green Buildings, a building designed to promote sustainability in Toronto.14.

The Green Building of the Month Award for 2018 by TorontoGreen Building Magazine15.

Designers Choice Award Award in the 2017/2018 Green Building Category16.

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