Which green building will be the most efficient in 2030?

Green building verification is a new initiative to help ensure the sustainability of green buildings in India.

The initiative aims to improve the efficiency of green building building verification projects, which are the main tool to improve green building performance in India, and to also encourage and enable green building owners to upgrade their buildings.

Under the scheme, each building in the country will be tested on a regular basis and the results will be shared with the government.

It will then be installed and tested again, with the results shared with owners of the remaining buildings.

The pilot scheme, which has already been implemented in 11 districts, has already seen the adoption of a few different buildings.

In the eastern city of Chandigarh, for example, a green building verification was started on April 10 this year and is currently running at over 30% efficiency.

This is not the only example of how the initiative is helping to improve buildings’ efficiency, with other green building projects across the country also being monitored and validated.

The programme is being piloted across various sectors, including urban planning, housing and water and power, among others.

The Green Building Programme is also being implemented in several other cities across the nation, including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Ahmedabad.

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