Why is the Green Building Code of Practice (GCBP) failing green building certification?

The Green Building Certification Programme (GCCP) is a voluntary programme to help the green building industry improve its standards and standards management.

It is designed to assist businesses in providing a consistent set of standards for green buildings.

It was developed in conjunction with the Ministry of Energy and Climate Change (MoECC) to provide a means for businesses to demonstrate the level of quality and value they are delivering to their customers.

As part of the scheme, organisations are required to set their own standards and conduct a rigorous assessment of the sustainability of the building.

But a recent audit has revealed that the GCCP is not meeting its own objectives. 

The GCCP aims to provide assurance that green buildings meet all applicable building standards and to assist building owners in setting their own building standards.

However, the audit found that there was a lack of compliance with the GCP. 

In its submission to the MoECC, the GCBP said that the organisation is currently considering a number of options to address the deficiencies identified by the Auditor-General’s report. 

It said: The GCCP programme is one of a number designed to enable businesses to identify and demonstrate the sustainable performance of their green building products and services.

It includes a set of environmental criteria to help guide the development of a building’s design and performance profile.

In the light of the Auditor’s report, the Ministry has taken the decision to investigate further. 

There are currently seven GCCP programmes currently in operation.

These programmes are: The Environmentally-Friendly Green Building Program (EWBGBP), which provides guidance and support for building owners, builders and developers in the implementation of the GCDP.

This programme is a statutory framework which provides for the assessment of environmental requirements.

The Green Buildings Council, which is the umbrella organisation for all GCCP organisations, has developed a suite of policies, standards and best practice guidance for all of the organisations in the programme. 

Building Certification Programmes, which are voluntary programmes for building operators.

These are based on the GCPP, but aim to provide the guidance and assessment to encourage the establishment of building standards that meet the needs of green building businesses.

The GCPP also includes the building certification guidelines for the Green Buildings Code of practice (GCPCP), which is designed for building and building industry professionals. 

Green Building Certification is a vital part of our green building system.

This is why we want you to be aware of any issues that may exist and take action to ensure that the scheme is being implemented in a manner that meets your business objectives.

You can contact the GCPCP’s building certification programme team by calling 0843 811 810, or visiting their website. 

If you would like to help, you can use the Green Certification Code of Conduct to report issues and ask questions about the GCBPs code of practice. 

Alternatively, you may find information about GCBPP and the GCBCP on the MoE’s Green Building Council website.

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