Why the city of Taitai is trying to get the word out about its green building strategy

Taita, Taiwan, is a small island in the Bay of Bengal, the northernmost island in China.

It’s not a city, but it’s an active hub for Chinese tourists, who come to enjoy a warm and cosmopolitan lifestyle.

The city is home to over 40,000 people, and its residents have made an image of being environmentally conscious.

But Taitae has seen its own environmental crisis, and now it’s turning to the city’s citizens to help save the environment.

According to local reports, Taitay has a high incidence of mold and mildew, and many people don’t like it.

Taitaya is the latest to get in on the environmental conversation.

It recently decided to open a green building initiative, to attract more tourists and help promote sustainable buildings.

Taitai has a history of green building: The city started building green buildings in the late 19th century and is still active in the green building movement.

Green buildings were first built in the early 1900s to make room for railroads and the city also used them for irrigation and other purposes.

Tietay’s mayor, Tien Shih-wei, started working on a green project after a friend of hers suggested that Taitieans should build green buildings.

Tien started with a couple of buildings, but soon realized that there were too many.

He and his friends decided to build more, and soon began building more.

Tiens efforts led to the construction of the Taitee Green Building and Green Development Center, and a nearby green space, called the Taiwan Green Building, which houses greenhouses.

The city is currently using Taitian citizens to get tourists to the green buildings, and the new initiative aims to get more visitors to the Tietae Green Building.

“It’s a community initiative.

There are volunteers from the entire city,” Tien said.

“It’s just a group of people who know each other.”

The initiative was initially a small one.

Tiang Tien was working on an environmental sustainability plan and then decided to make a bigger commitment.

He and his wife, Chia, decided to help the community in Taitye, so that the community could support the project.

“The city needs people to work with the government to build sustainable buildings and to help build a better environment,” Tiang said.

It’s been an uphill struggle for Taite.

In 2009, the city decided to tear down a portion of the old green building and build a new building.

Tiantai, which is about 15 minutes away from Taitea, was not allowed to build a green structure in the area.

The Tietai city government also didn’t allow the Tien family to build the new green building in the Tiatay green space.

Tien was unable to buy land to build his green building because the Tianese government didn’t have a green law, and Tiete’s green building law doesn’t cover the green area of Tiatee.

It was not clear how Tiante would be able to get Tien to purchase land to create the new building, and to have it built.

Despite the obstacles, Tieta is continuing to work on the project, and hopes to start construction next year.

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