Why we should be wary of the Green Building Challenge

Infosys has been trying to change the way it builds green buildings, and the company is trying to do it by putting the pressure on building owners to install solar panels.

The company’s Green Building Challenges initiative, which is part of the company’s “G-Banking,” aims to get people to install green buildings.

The challenge, which Infosies announced today, is aimed at homeowners in the United States and around the world, according to a press release.

It encourages homeowners to install energy-efficient building materials and systems.

Infosys said the challenge has already been met in a handful of cities around the country.

It said more than 30 cities have responded.

Infersys, which has about 2,000 employees worldwide, is one of the largest technology companies in the world.

It is known for its products including the internet-connected home and digital camera, and has been growing rapidly over the last decade.

In the past, Infosy has been criticized for not making its building materials environmentally friendly, and it’s the biggest player in the solar market.

Infotsys said its goal with the Green Buildings Challenge is to get the world’s building owners, including homeowners, to install rooftop solar.

The challenge has been in effect since 2015, according, Infoys.

Infosyd is partnering with a number of solar developers to create a platform where people can share their building materials.

The Green Building challenge, however, is not aimed at any particular solar company.

The goal is to encourage homeowners to share their energy-efficiency building materials, which can be found in many buildings, Infobases press release said.

Infobases green building guidelines, which include the Green Builders Challenge, also say homeowners should have a plan for storing energy-related waste and recycling.

Infoesys is a leader in building materials for the internet of things, but it has struggled to move the needle with its products in the space.

It has struggled in recent years to keep up with demand for building materials as consumers increasingly turn to products such as solar panels and smart home devices.

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