Why you should be using a green building quiz

What do you do when you’re unsure if you’re doing something right or not?

This quiz will help you discover the right way to build your green building in your own home.

It’s easy to use and will help get you started building in green.

If you’re new to building green, check out our green building guide.


You’re building a new home in your home 2.

You have a green roof 3.

You want to be green 4.

You can’t find a green house nearby 5.

The building has a lot of light 6.

You don’t want to add a lot more energy to the building 7.

You might have to upgrade your roof 8.

You’ve never been to a green home before 9.

You haven’t found a green-friendly building nearby 10.

You plan on building the whole house in one go 11.

You need to buy a green water pump 12.

You think you know what a green door looks like, but you’re not sure what the right colour is 13.

You’d like to build a home with solar panels 14.

You feel that green is an important colour for your home.


You wish you could have a better idea of how much energy your building will consume when it’s full 16.

You know that you can’t build your home in a certain area until you’ve completed a specific building 17.

You like to be able to know when you’ve reached the end of a building 18.

You just want to know whether your green house is complete or not.

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